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Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Las Posadas. Day 3 Guests at the Churchleaders' meeting.

Mini Mince pies - for me!

The best things about churchleaders' meetings are the mince pies. Most people were paying attention to the speaker so I was able to tuck in unnoticed.                                                                        😁DONKEY


Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Las Posadas Day2 - Up with the abbots!

After Morning Prayer at Winterborne Stickland we were sent to our new hosts who took us on a car journey - this was a novelty for donkey who was used to walking everywhere! We were finally allowed out of our box at Abbotsbury where we were all delighted to see that we were in the company of very familiar hosts and so we knew we were in for a fun day!

As it had been a few hours since we last prayed, our hosts decided to take us to the Chapel on the Hill. Mary needed a breather half way up the hill and naughty donkey decided to climb a tree for a better view - we were relieved he didn't get stuck! With the occasional shafts of light piercing the darkness, St Catherine's Chapel was a very beautiful and peaceful place to pray - it was certainly well worth the climb.

After leaving Abbotsbury, donkey was eager to visit some inns well in advance of Mary's due date, and when his hosts found one with a special star he thought this was the ideal place to stop for refreshments. After lunch we all helped our hosts with the final planning for their Advent Discussion
Group which was to take place in another inn that very evening! But before that it was time to pray again and so it was off to Evening Prayer in the Crypt at Wimborne Minster - it was pretty dark down there and donkey was a bit scared but Mary loved the peace and quiet.

Then it was back to Winterborne Stickland and to the Advent Discussion Group at The Crown - donkey was sure he had been to this inn before.....!! Our hosts were joined by 7 other jolly people, including the dog was good to see him again.

And so eventually it was off to bed as we have to get up pretty early for Morning Prayer before joining our new hosts.                                                       


Sunday, 27 November 2016

Las Posadas Day1

Looking for a dog collar.
I didn't get out of the travel box all last night - it's getting pretty smelly in here - Fancy having to share a box with Mary and Joseph! I did take a peek when all was quiet and we were in a very pretty church and there were four very tall red candles and a white one next to us. We kept very quiet and listened to the singing. I wanted to join in but Joseph put his hand over my mouth and told me my singing sounded like braying! How rude!
When all was quiet we set off on our journey to find someone in a dog collar. Mary has been very quiet - she seems a little scared by all this travelling.
We were heading for the home of Mr and Mrs Rev. I was sent ahead to look for them and was a little surprised by what I found....two dog collars! Somehow I didn't think Mary was going to want to stay here.
But then we saw the dog collar we were looking for! We spent a little time getting acquainted
before we went off to church with him (a chance to try out my singing I hope!)
We will be spending the night with Mr and Mrs Rev. I hope I am not in the dog house!


Saturday, 26 November 2016

They have landed!

Las Posadas - The day before Advent Sunday

 Mary, Joseph and a donkey have been brought ashore by the RNLI. It is believed that they are making their way to the Winterborne Valley.

Could this strange package that arrived on the steps of St Nicholas Church, Winterborne Clenston, be  a clue to their location?

Unfortunately, everyone was rather occupied with the baptism of Tabitha so the box remained unopened and was placed on the organ.
Fortunately,  Angela and Gerry were able to keep a close eye on it.

Where will it turn up next?


Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Remembrance Sunday 2016

 We should all be very proud of the Beavers, Cubs and Scouts who attended the Church Service for Remembrance Sunday. It was a wonderful turnout