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Thursday, 5 January 2017

Sunday, 25 December 2016

Las Posadas: we are happy to announce the safe arrival.

Christmas Day 2016

Las Posadas:What a party last night!


Things got a little raucous last night. Mary Joseph and the donkey met up with old friends and an evening of merriment and laughter ensued. ( Donkey's singing has not improved !) It was some night!!

Friday, 23 December 2016

Las Posadas: Donkey caught catnapping!


 Thursday 22nd December
We were very grateful to our travel consultant who very kindly dropped us off to our new host yesterday afternoon. We arrived to find our accommodation all ready for us, our very own house! Joseph and I were pleased to discover that there was even a crib in the bedroom!

Our host was busy checking her work emails and donkey was frightened by the four adopted cats that live here and started braying very loudly! so we decided to explore the garden, where we met more adopted animals, including guinea pigs called Rocko, Caramel and Butterscotch and two rabbits who had arrived just days earlier called Jack and Frost, they seemed very friendly and came over to chat to us.

Our host had to go to work but invited us to come along, so we set off on a very long car journey, we stopped briefly to look at the view from a very big hill and I was very relieved we didn't have to walk as I am getting very tired now.

After a long drive our host disappeared into a house and reappeared a while later, while we waited in the car, this happened several times throughout the evening, stopping at different houses, and we didn't get home until very late!!!
We had to get up very early this morning to attend morning prayer and there was a brief panic when donkey disappeared!! Where had he gone??
Luckily our host eventually found him, asleep with one of the cats!

After a short drive we arrived at a large church where we met yet another dog collar - there certainly seem to be a lot of them! He was very friendly and was very interested in our journey, after morning prayer we stopped to admire the huge Christmas tree which had a very large star on top of it, was this a sign that would lead us to Bethlehem?


Las Posadas: It's a GIRL!

21st Dec

A frantic message from the travel co-ordinator! "Have they been kidnapped?"
No! Following the Xmas sleepover and with 'no room at any inns' a visit to the House family!
I'm afraid here their adventures are not very exciting as we had to visit Dorchester Hospital for an arrival of our own! Our first Grandchild! While visiting they stayed here at home as we as we thought the midwife may limit visitors numbers! But they made use of their time looking after the dog & kitten! We are thankful of their help at this busy time!
On return they have been looked after by our son Nathan kept him company while on the sofa! 
We wish them a safe journey and hope that Mary's delivery of her own child is a wonderful one!