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Thursday, 23 March 2017

Art Exhibition

Please find attached an invitation to the Connections Project next exhibition
We are delighted to have the addition of another group in this exhibition 'Creative Connections' Who were started last year as a result of the success of the Connections Project exhibition
The artists are independent; rather than in care and love using creativity to express themselves and their challenges.

This exhibition will be uplifting and fun.... We all really hope to see you 

 Here's a bit I wrote about it on our facebook page....
All systems are poised for our next wonderful exhibition!
I am so excited that 
Brewery Square are helping us to host this event
The artist's work is split into two themes 
Culliford House Artists have been exploring 'Reflections' This may be reflections in water, a mirror or thinking back to a time they may have changed an action or how they may have wished something was different

The Creative Connections artists have been looking at 'Balance' - This theme is meaningful to some artists because of the physical or mental health challenges they may face. The artists (just like everyone) struggle with balance in their lives: This is explored and expressed in their work.

I am so proud of the honesty, authenticity and bravery that all the artists have shown in exploring these subjects and I am over the moon with their creativity & integrity
By sharing our ideas and challenges we can start to help ourselves and others to overcome them.
Come to the private view if you can & meet the artists....and have a glass of fizz.... xxxxxxxx
Thank you for your support 
Kind Regards
Bridget Townsend

Monday, 20 March 2017

Prayer Meeting - Tuesday 21st March Milton Abbas


The Church Wardens of St. James’ Church, Milton Abbas invite you to a prayer session to be held on Tuesday 21st March 2017 at 6pm to 7pm in St. James Church, South Aisle, Milton Abbas.

We will be praying for all those who have been unwell, sick, awaiting operations or who have had operations, or who have recently been diagnosed with an illness.
Please feel free to come and go at any time during that hour.
Jennifer Harrisson & Paula Kelsall
Church Wardens. 



Sunday, 12 March 2017

One more Lay worship leader.

Jeremy was commissioned as a Lay Worship Leader at St Mary's Church Shroton (Iwerne Courtney) on Tuesday 7th March. The service was lead by The Venerable Antony MacRow-Wood - Archdeacon of Dorset. Jeremy is member of our Lay Worship team and will be leading services in our benefice churches. Congratulations Jeremy!

Thursday, 2 February 2017

What Can We Believe?


Religion can be a menace.  It is rightly criticised for sometimes causing division and even conflict.

Church may not be quite so bad - but it can be boring and out of touch.  Alan tells me that congregations over Christmas were up by about 20%.  So it is not all doom and gloom as the media keep on telling us.  However most of our worship is one way communication, but some people like the opportunity of responding and would like time to talk, question, think and comment.  Our wordy liturgy does not allow time for that. 


God and Jesus can be very exciting, as we try together to discover who they really are.  Our ideas of God can be disastrously wrong.  The Jews were taught to call him by the mysterious name of Yahweh, meaning I AM (or perhaps better I WILL BE)  The criticisms voiced by Richard Dawkins in his provocative book "The God Delusion" may be misguided, but that is understandable, in the light of what we Christians often say or do.  The impression created by parts of the Old Testament does suggest that God can behave as an unreasonable tyrant.  We need to understand that God only reveals what he is like slowly, as we are not smart enough to take in too much in at one go.  I used to shout at my children "NO!" on occasions when they got too near the fire (an unreasonable tyrant?).  Later on when they were older I was able to explain things better and in more detail.

Christians believe that if you want to know what God is really like you need to look at Jesus.  Jesus himself claimed, "Anyone who has seen me has seen the Father."  (John 14 9)  Or to quote a former archbishop, Michael Ramsey, "God is like Jesus and in him is no unChristlikeness at all."

Last year some of us discovered more about Jesus by looking at the Gospel of Mark, the shortest and the simplest of the four gospels in the New Testament.  These small groups allowed people to talk, think and argue. 

This year we shall be carrying on our voyage of discovery based on the booklet that is available free in all the churches in the benefice, "What can we believe these days?".  (You can also download it from the home page of  our Winterborne and Milton Abbas benefice website.)

During March there will be small groups in our villages and we hope that it will not be just church members who come along, but also anyone who wants to find out more about Jesus, and the God that Christians worship.  We do not mind if you disagree with us, we do not always get it right.  We might all get surprises - indeed I rather hope we will!

Full details of these groups will be published in the March Valley News.

                                                                                                            Jimmy Hamilton-Brown

Thursday, 5 January 2017