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Saturday, 29 March 2014

Mothering Sunday at a church near you.

    This Sunday is     
Mothering Sunday
30th March
There will be special church services to celebrate
Mothering Sunday.
Milton Abbas 10.30 Family Communion

 W. Stickland 10.30 Morning Worship

W.Whitechurch 10.30  Morning Worship

Everyone is very welcome.
(There will be posies for every mum)

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Alpha in Blandford

Milton & Blandford Deanery Alpha Course

Details of the course and request for volunteers

The course is designed for people who are keen to explore the central beliefs of the Christian Faith, and those who want to gain a better understanding of them. It consists of a meal, followed by a talk by the Bishop, with discussions around the meal table and an opportunity to ask questions of the Bishop.

Course speaker
Dr Graham Kings, Bishop of Sherborne.

Blandford Parish Centre, which is opposite the Post Office in the centre of the town.

The course starts at 7.30pm on Tuesday May 6th with a “taster evening”, and continues thereafter on Tuesday evenings at 7.30pm until Tuesday July 8th. There will also be a full day meeting on Saturday 14th June.

Table leaders
The room will be arranged with tables of 8 people, with a leader on each table. We need experienced Christians to volunteer to lead the discussions around the tables. These volunteers would need to be at the Centre by 18.45 to pray with +Graham before the evening gets under way.

There will be an opportunity for people attending to make a contribution to the cost of the food at each evening event.
We need volunteers to organize groups of cooks to each prepare food for one evening for a table of 8 people. We suggest that volunteers choose one Tuesday and take overall responsibility for it.
There are kitchen facilities at the Centre, but we anticipate that the food will, in the main, be brought in already cooked, for heating up at the Centre. Suggested menus are available. There will be two courses, and we suggest the menu is kept simple.
The cost of ingredients will be met in full.
Drinks will be provided.

Application forms are available in most of our churches. Applications are being collated by Jill Cuss in the Blandford Parish Office.

Practical matters
We need volunteers to help set up tables before the event and to help clear up afterwards.

If you are able to help in any way, or if you need application forms, would you please contact John Simmons, email, or Debbie Albery, email
telephone (office hours) 01202 659427.

Friday, 21 March 2014

Church Services at a church near you this Sunday

Church Services in the Benefice
Sunday 23rd March

W. Whitechurch   9.00 Holy Communion (said)
                             Book of Common Prayer - traditional
                             Rev’d Alan
                             17.00 Lovely Cake
                             Informal group with talk, worship and activity with tea   
                             and cake - for everyone and especially for
                             parents and grandparents and young children
                                                                       Rev’d Sue
Milton Abbas       10.30 Holy Communion
                            Common Worship
                            Rev’d Alan

W.Stickland        10.30 Morning Worship
                            Informal service for all (without Holy Communion)
                            With a thanks giving for Jacob
                            Rev’d Sue

Turnworth           18.00 Evening Prayer
                            Book of Common Prayer – traditional
                            Rev’d Alan