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Saturday, 12 July 2014

Church Services at church near you this Sunday

Church Services in the Benefice
Sunday 13th July

Milton Abbas        9.00 Holy Communion
                             Book of Common Prayer
                             Rev’d Alan

                             17.00 Awesome Cake
                              An informal group for 11-15 year olds
                              Discussion, cake and fun activities
                               Rev’d Sue

Turnworth           10.30 Morning Worship

                            Local arrangement


W. Whitechurch  10.30 Holy Communion
                            Rev’d Alan

W. Houghton       18.00 Evening Prayer
                            Rev’d Alan

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Church services at a church near you this Sunday

Church Services in the Benefice
Sunday 6th July

W. Stickland         9.00 Holy Communion (said)
                             Book of Common Prayer
                             Rev’d Alan

W. Clenston        10.30 Holy Communion
                            Book of Common Prayer
                            Rev’d Alan


Milton Abbas      10.30 Morning Worship
                              Informal service for all
                              Jenny G

W. Houghton       10.30 Morning Worship
                              Rev’d Sue

W. Whitechurch  18.00 Prayer and Praise
                            In the Parish Room by church
                            Informal, modern service

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Prayer of the week (The Church Times 27th June 2014)

The Rev'd Catherine Pickford picked this prayer as prayer of the week in The Church Times last week. It is written by Janet Morley and comes from 'All Desires Known (SPCK,1992,2005):-

Catherine Pickford says, "If this is a prayer for parish churches that support communities through difficult times, it is also a prayer for the times in our lives when we feel darkness pressing in on us. It is often when we are suffering that we feel the most alone. This prayer asks the Spirit to inhabit our darkness and chaos, there in the midst of it, when we feel at our worst.

More than this, there is a crucial sense in Morley's prayer of God using all that is in us, including the darkness, that we may breathe with the Spirit's life. God does not use us only when we feel as if we are doing a good job. He is at work in our lives when we are at our wits' end, and feel we have nothing left to give."
Extract from The Church Times 27.06.14

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Barn Dance with the Black Sheep Band


Hope you have planned to come to the barn dance

with The Black Sheep Band, 
on Saturday 
July 5th

in aid of St James Church.

Tickets are £8 and available from Milton Abbas Post Office

or phone 01258 880258 or 880981.

There will be a bar and food available.

Time: 7.10 'til late.

Venue:  Murray's Barn, Luccombe Farm


 See you there!