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Tuesday, 31 May 2016

We have germination in Houghton Churchyard!


 The 1st of May saw the sun shining and a fun morning ahead for the Houghton children, mums and dads, as well as members of the church and local community.  It was time for the wild flower seed sowing morning and bug hotel building.  Not to mention lots of cake eating!
It’s been agreed by the PCC to improve the flora and fauna within the churchyard under the watchful eyes of The Dorset Wildlife Trust and Bishop of Salisbury Churchyard scheme.  A few months ago members of the community came together to make a start of tidying up the churchyard, clearing the weeds around the church and clearing out the bank behind the church itself. So the May bank holiday weekend provided the ideal opportunity for the children to get more involved by sowing wild flower seeds and to have some fun building a B&B for all those insects/creatures that may need a home.  To top it all off, we saw some very arty crafty children creating some beautiful signs showing where the meadow beds are and of course naming the bug hotel.
Research has told us that due to insecticide use and changes in arable farming methods the numbers of bees are now under threat with a significant drop over the past years.  However, all is not lost, luckily, these rather useful insects respond extremely quickly once their food source is replaced, one excellent way to do this is by increasing the number of wild flower meadows.  In addition the bug hotel provides a habitat for a wide range of creatures from wood lice, frogs, newts, loan bees, ladybirds, beetles and earwigs to name but a few.
In addition, the local children will be rearing their own butterflies which should be due for release into the flower meadows in July, date to be confirmed.

A check on the wild meadows today has confirmed that some seeds have germinated and new life has begun!

Future dates are being planned as I type, for more Houghton Youth group get togethers.  This will include beginning of June – art evening, whereby I can give you details about the FUN art competition and we’ll make  a start with the art work – the theme of which will be ‘casting the net’ all ready for display for the Sea Sunday service on 10th July. 

Towards the end of June will be Scarecrow building again a nautical theme

Mid July will see the Youth meeting up for the releasing of the butterflies plus fun and games and presentation for the winner of the art competition.

So keep a look out for details coming to a lamppost near you!

Thanks Helen J

Sunday, 15 May 2016

Wild Flowers for Houghton Churchyard

Helen Heathfield led a group of Houghton children and parents in a wildflower seed planting morning in the churchyard of St Andrew's Church. Helen stressed the importance of conserving and encouraging the insects in our surroundings. The children constructed bee B&Bs and painted signs so that the insects would know where to go. They also planted wild flower seeds. So now we have wait to see the results!